Cheapp - The First $10 Mobile Marketplace!

Sun Dec 24 2017

What is Cheapp?

Cheapp is local community marketplace where you can donate, buy and sell everything from clothes, household items, books, home decoration and power tools to furniture in your local area. - Sounds all too familiar, how is this different?

But with cheapp, everything is cheap! With the fixed maximum price of $10, everything is affordable! We help you find new home for the useful items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.. And everybody loves cheap stuff, right?

Sell or donate the items you don't need, it has never been easier!

Cheapp is currently in open beta, we are collecting feedback, crunching the data from analytics and making improvements before official launch! Download the app and let us know what you think – Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Why Cheapp?

Cheapp Mobile Marketplace There are multiple non-profit organizations and communities around the world like Freecycle Network and Freegle that promote reuse and recycling of used items. However Cheapp is the first app that also allows selling the items for an affordable price. We believe that this small incentive will make more people join the movement that will benefit us all!

Don't throw it away – Sell it Cheapp!

Cheapp Screenshot 3 Cheapp Screenshot 2 Cheapp Screenshot 1

What next?

First beta version is now out for anybody to download; that was the easiest part of this project. Now we just need to get the word out about the app and have people download it. How hard can it be? – Incredibly hard. We will be running multiple user acquisition experiments to measure what works and what doesn't. With limited budget at the moment, we need to be creative. Without getting the project off the ground and getting those precious installs, there's not much we can measure; product/market-fit cannot be achieved.

Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • BetaFamily: Great service to get those first "outsiders" to test the app and give feedback.
  • AppBrain: Mobile advertising, relatively cheap way to get installs.
  • Facebook page: a must-have, however visibility is minimal nowadays --> money speaks.
  • Twitter: a must-have, low visibility at the moment --> growing the audience.

Comment below if you have some suggestions!

How? (the geeky stuff)

Cheapp app is made using a React-Native platform from Facebook. Backend is running on docker swarm (cluster): node.js, FeathersJS API framework and MongoDB database.

NPM (node package manager) and it's repository of open source components was a good resource while developing this app but because the RN platform itself changes so fast, some of the components we found there were already outdated.

Thats why we decided to make our 2 in 1 carousel + lightbox component that we use in Cheapp.

Download the app: Cheapp on Google Play