Hello World, can you hear me?

Wed Dec 13 2017


Hello there, people of Internets. This is our first post in our new blog! Before we start blogging, I would like to tell you little bit who we are and what you can expect to have in this blog.

Who we are

Hello World We are just a two guys who have made a long career in software industry and like everyone else (I guess) we have had some good ideas over the years, but never really time to try them. So, we came up with the idea to start our own company and try if we could make something out of our own ideas. So far we have released couple mobile games and we have had lots of prototyping with some new game ideas. Also, we have done some websites and our first Mobile App is soon ready to be released.

What you can expect to read in this blog

We are working with Unity3D, React, React Native, Node.JS mostly nowadays, so posts will be most likely about some technical stuff regarding these technologies, about some new library or tool we are trying out and learning, or perhaps something silly we are doing just for fun.

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