Content Swiper for React Native is released

Mon Jan 29 2018


When we were implementing the Cheapp application we were looking for nice component for viewing images. There's plenty of components available, but after testing many of them, we couldn't find component that was working for us, so we decided to make our own. It ended up working quite nicely, so we decided that we could publish it and see if someone else finds it useful too.

Our application was locked to portrait-mode, but still we wanted user to be able to watch images in a landscape-mode too, because it's up to the user which way he chooses to take a pictures.

In our app we had upload indicator etc. built into our image viewer, so this component we released is pretty much built from the scratch to make it bit simpler and also to make it bit more customizable so it hopefully fits better for other peoples needs too.


  • Customizable animations
  • Support for orientation changes
  • Orientation can be enabled only in fullscreen mode
  • AutoResizeImage to enable correct image scaling in different modes
  • AutoResizeImage supports both local and online images

Animation Styles

We included few default animations, but it's really easy to do you own animation style too as shown below. Package includes Slide, SlideZoom, RotateY and Stack animations.

Slide style SlideZoom style RotateY style Stack style


Animations are defined as interpolators, so it's just a function which has index, layout width and layout height given as a Animated.Values. index=0 means that image is active and you can use those parameters to define enter/exit animations for your items as you like.

Here's example of normal slide animation, but other animations are pretty much the same too.

export const Slide = (index, layoutWidth, layoutHeight) => ({
  transform: [
      translateX: Animated.multiply(
          inputRange: [-1, 0, 1],
          outputRange: [-1, 0, 1]

Try it out

Check it out from Github or npmjs and give it a shot! Github NpmJS

Hope you find this component useful and I'm happy to get some bugfixes and additional features as pull requests.