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PolarSpin — A small software company in Helsinki

PolarSpin is a team of 3 experienced full stack developers located in Finland. We have been involved in various software development projects from startups to multinational corporations for the past 15+ years each.

We are specialized in React Native development and past few years we've been developing React Native apps full time while being involved in some of the biggest React Native projects in Finland.

    We are offering our expertise as a service for:
  • Companies looking to boost their app development by working as a team with your developers on-premises or remotely.
  • Companies that are looking for new business opportunities for their existing business and expanding to mobile services.
  • Startup companies with idea to be validated and implemented.

We can implement the whole project from scratch or join your existing team of developers. In addition to creating the app, we can do the data modeling, testing, backend implementation and integrations to other existing systems.

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What we can offer


Speed up your app development

Boost your development project with 3 experienced full stack developers with 15+ years of experience in software development projects each.

Build a prototype, MVP or PoC of your product

We help test your app idea by building a prototype, minimum viable product or proof-of-concept that you can use to validate the market.

Turnkey solution for your app business

We can help you from fine tuning the concept to data modeling, all the way to polished product and releasing it on app stores.

Technologies we use

React NativeReact Native

Who we are?

Interested joining us?

- We are always looking for experienced developers, contact us!